I once complained to a workmate that a lot of my writing at The Sunday Times was limited to what amounted to a news round-up, cobbled together quickly on a Saturday, without the luxury of time or space to add style and finesse.

"Limited?" came the confused reply. "Front page of The Sunday Times, limited?"

Excuse me disappearing up my own backside for a bit. During my 15 years at The Sunday Times, the Sport section transformed beyond recognition. From four black and white pages bolted onto the back of the Motoring section, it expanded over the years until we had a 32-page full colour section on our hands. 

In my 10 years as Football Editor, from 1996 to 2006, I had to fill the white hole on the front page. As a result I wrote many lead stories covering the stand out moments of the decade, featuring controversial clashes, Double triumphs, transfer news, relegation heartaches, national joy and despair, goalscoring feats and stunning debuts...