Chisora and Haye brawl in British boxing's night of shame

By JIM MUNRO - February 19, 2012

DAVID HAYE'S manager Adam Booth suffered a gash to his forehead as his fighter brawled with Dereck Chisora after an ugly confrontation in Germany.

In an incident that has brought shame on British boxing, the two heavyweights came to blows in a post-fight press conference following Chisora's 12-round defeat on points by WBC champion Vitali Klitschko.

As members of both camps and the attending press tried to break up the melee in Munich's Olympiahalle, Chisora could be heard yelling "he glassed me" before screaming at Haye: "I swear to god David, I'm going to f****** shoot you."

Pictures taken at the event appear to show Haye still clutching a bottle of Aloha in a clenched fist as he lands a blow on Chisora, when the fighters first come together.

Video footage of the violent outburst also suggests that Booth's injury is caused by a camera tripod being wielded by his own man.

Police arrived on the scene soon after and confirmed later that an official investigation would be held, though no arrests had been made.

Trouble flared when Haye, working for TV, kept interrupting the speakers on stage which included the manager of the Klitschko brothers, Vitali and Wladimir, promoter Frank Warren and Chisora.

Bernd Boente, speaking for the Ukrainian heavyweights, said: "With the bad experience we've had with British fighters we will now look for other countries.

"Contrary to David Haye, Dereck Chisora really went for it and really tried."

But that was Haye's cue to speak up from the audience, calling out: "You don't want to fight David Haye, no?"

Boente said: "You've had an offer, you didn't accept it, now you are out.

"You cannot talk yourself back into the fight, you have no belts.

"Chisora showed heart, contrary to you. You showed your toe."

Boente was referring to Haye's defeat by Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg, when the British heavyweight claimed a broken toe before the bout had hampered his performance in the ring.

As Haye protested, Chisora butted in, saying: "David, you and me can get it on in London. Be quiet. David Haye is an embarrassment.

"Sky Sports don't do Box Office because of David Haye. He messed up Box Office for all the young fighters and I'm going to give him two slaps for that."

Chisora continued: "If David Haye is a fighter he should fight me. Let's fight, me and you.

"David, how's your toe?"

Haye tried to shout his British rival down, saying: "You've had three losses in a row."

Warren then stepped in, suggesting that Haye and Chisora should fight in London with the winner getting another shot at Vitali's WBC crown.

Chisora's trainer Don Charles piped up, calling to Haye: "Oh be quiet, you're a salesman. Get out of here."

As Haye became more animated, claiming that Vitali was trying to avoid him in the ring, Chisora kept repeating: "How's your toe? How's your toe?"

After more shouting from Haye, who suggested his fellow Brit was a loser, Chisora said: "Do you want to tell me to my face? Tell me to my face."

With that Chisora left the stage and moved towards the back of the room, still clutching a microphone.

The British heavyweights eyeballed each other and exchanged more words before Haye - who was holding a bottle of soft drink in his right hand - landed a blow on Chisora's face, drink spraying across the shocked fighter from Finchley.

As the two grappled on the floor, Chisora could be heard shouting: "He f****** glassed me. Are you mad?

Booth and Chisora's trainer Don Charles also became involved and it was when Haye swung a camera tripod that Booth emerged clutching his forehead, with blood streaming into his left eye.

Once the fighters were separated, Chisora stormed back to the stage area, still claiming that Haye had "glassed" him.

After grabbing a towel, Chisora yelled across the room: "I swear to god David, I'm going to f****** shoot you.

"I'm going to shoot David Haye. Listen. I'm going to physically shoot David Haye."

Booth by now had worked his way to the stage area with blood seeping from a head wound.

Haye's manager confronted Chisora, asking: "Who hit me with a bottle? Somebody came up behind me and hit me with a bottle."

After pleading innocence, Chisora turned the subject back on to a possible showdown in the ring with Haye.

Face to face with Booth he said: "Listen Adam, we're going to sort this out as men. However you and David want it, we can do it.

"Either we do it in the ring, or outside the ring. If David doesn't fight me I'm going to physically burn him.

"You tell him I said that."

After the disgraceful incident that will undoubtedly be investigated by boxing's authorities, Wladimir Klitschko condemned the pair's behaviour.

"I'm totally disappointed," he said. "it went a little too far, the sport of boxing shouldn't be like that."

Wladimir, who had been drenched just before his brother's succesful title defence when Chisora spat water over him, added: "Bloody faces in the press conference. Fighting should be in the ring, not out."

his brother's succesful title defence when Chisora spat water over him, added: "Bloody faces in the press conference. Fighting should be in the ring, not out."